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Kitchen Towels

Kitchen Towels

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If your tired of Cracking, Fading, and Peeling graphics, sublimation is the solution. Dye sublimation art delivers breathtaking graphics that last wash, after wash, after wash. Additionaly, this shirt is qucik-drying and delivers added UV protection. From fabric to graphics, this shirt is made for the water. If the water speaks to you like it does us, this is a must have shirt for your backpack.

Water Wear that Works.



Sublimation is the scientific term used to explain how a solid is transormed into a gas, whith going through the liquid phase. We do that with art. We design custom wearable art and print with special dye onto transfer paper that we can sublimate into a t-shirt. We literally vaporize your art into the shirt. The infused colored gases bond to the fabic and you get a a super comfortable, customizble and durable shirt that is Built to Wear In, not Wear Out.






Water Wear that says something! What inspires your to wear shirts that says something about your life? Don't buy another one of those cookie cutter shirts that are sold to the masses. How many "Life is Good" shirts are out there anyway? Just becuase somebody else said it and put it on a shirt doesnt make it customized. Make a unique statement! Get a one of a kind shirt. Our design team will customize WHAT INPIRES YOU into a unique water wear shirt, that nobody else has. It's easy, just upload a picture of what inspires you and tell us what you want. We specialize in doing boat names, but we can do ANYTHING.

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Why Sublimation

Sublimation is perfect for performance wear. Are you tired of shirt graphics that fade, peel and crack in the washing machine? For Graphics that last in the water and sun, Big Wake shirts are for you.

It's Amazing Stuff... Really!

Why do you print on white polyester shirts only?

There are a couple reasons, First, polyester white is the best canvas for custom sublimation graphics. Cotton does not take the colors as vibranlty as white polyester. Since we are all about the art and design, polyester white is our preferred canvas. Secondly, if UV protection is important for your water wear, then white has the best UV reflective characteristic. We call that a win/win!

What kind of image files can I upload?

First, If your taking pictures with your smart phone, an 8 Mega Pixil camera file is great, 12 Mega Pixils are even better. If you have files you want to upload, our designers work with JPEG, PDF, and PNG files most commonly.

Can you sublimate on a cotton shirt?

No, cotton does not recieve the dye as well as polyester. If it's cotton you want, we recommend you find a DGT direct to garment printer or a screen printer. Both of which, are notorious for cracking fading and peeling. For longer lasting art, you have to sublimate on, at least a polyester/cotton blend substraite. However, for our very best breathtaking color results, we prefer to use 100% performacne polyester shirts.

Do you do custom shirts for events?

Yes, If you have an event and want a unique design, we can do it. Tell us what you have in mind?

What is your return policy?

We will take returns for fualty shirts, but we can not take returns for designs that you have approved before shipment. Please take your time on the proof stage, it's our pleasure to edit a design up to 3 times at no extra cost. The art is as much our product as the shirt. We want you to be as proud of your art as we are in creating it. Your statement is our passion.

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