About Us

Welcome to a World of Stitched Stories

My name is Michele King Blaber, and I'm just a girl with a needle some colorful thread and a creative mind. Every design I stitch isn't just a pattern - it's a little piece of my world, a moment in my life turned into something you can treasure.

Being a mom is my biggest adventure, and its bleeds into everything I create. My designs are filled with those same whispers of laughter, the echos of bedtime stories and the pure love that makes a house a home. 

When I'm not chasing my kids and nurturing thier big dreams, you'll find me at my embroidery machine. With every stitch I'm weaving together the simple joys of life, turning them into keepsakes to hold dear. My hope is that my designs will bring a little joy and warmth to your world too.

So here's the invitation - come along with me on this personalized journey!  Let's turn your special moments into embroidered heirlooms, keepsakes bursting with laughter and love. 

Because at Embroidery Kings, it's not just about the threads, it's about the heart.